The Twins of Darkwood

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I wandered for a few days after finally leaving the damp, cold hold of my little sorceress.  I felt my hunger return shortly as well, but the energy I had drained from her would keep me sated for a few weeks at the least.  Mostly forested lands surrounded the hold, and I made my way through them, keeping a wary eye for human hunters as well as predators.  I might be a demon, but I had only been out of my larval stage for a short while.  Demon, I may be, but powerful I am not.  Not yet, anyway.

Eventually the forest gave way to rolling planes, and those gave way to plowed fields.  I spotted a few wary farmers tending their fields, but I was met with neither open arms or open hostility.  I spent the night out in the open fields among the stars as my hunger continued to grow.

The next day I came upon a small village.  Maybe I should have said tiny as the roads were well worn dirt instead of cobblestone.  I was surprised to see it had its very own inn.  In those days, the smallest of the villages usually shared an inn nestled somewhere mid-distance between them.  They struggled to survive, but were more of a necessity to travel and trade between them.

My little sorceress hadn’t wanted to let me go, but I had convinced her of the need.  I promised her I would return and indeed I had plans to.  Her flesh was beyond delectable and her sexual energy above intoxicating.  I owed her for bringing me to this world, and out of guilt I knew I couldn’t stay, not without leaving her a lifeless husk.  She had given me enough coin to live off for a few months, and I had hardy delved into it at all, but the knowledge that it wouldn’t last forever weighed heavily on my mind.

I made my way to the inn, a quaint little place with a worn wooden placard hanging by the front door that read “The Way Inn”.  I had little trouble opening the warped wooden door leading inside.  The difference in temperature between inside and out was vastly apparent, even to my demonic skin.  I glanced around the common room and saw the reason why.  Almost the entire far wall had been taken up by a large stone fireplace.  The flames crackled merrily as it dried laundry and linens as well as cooking a large common meal.

“Can I help you, sir?”  I turned and saw a young waif in better than average clothing as she made her way to the common room from a door leading to the back room of the inn.

“Yes you can, do you have a room available?”  I saw her eyes widen at my question.

“We have several rooms available, sir.  The cost is a silver a night and that gets you wash water and dinner from the pot.”

“Sounds reasonable, thank you.”

She led me over to the very worn bar and stepped behind it pulling out a large leather register.  She flipped open to the second page.  Judging by the age of the tome and the nearness of the last guests name scrawled so close to the beginning told me the frequency of over-night guests at the inn.  “You’re busy season I see,” I said in a weak attempt to strike up a conversation with the sultry lass.

“Why my father decided to build an inn in the village of Darkwood is beyond me, good sir.  Here’s your key, dinner is at sundown.  Enjoy your stay.”

“Which is my room?”  I had hoped for an offer to lead me their herself, but she must have seen through my subtle ploy.

“The stairs behind you, take them up and your room is the first on the right.”

“Thank you.”

She nodded at me and turned to leave when another young lass who looked identical to the beauty in front of me strode through the same door.  “Kirsta, father wants you.  Oh, hello,” she said when she noticed me holding my room key.

“Hello,” I said and turned to head to my room.  I misjudged her.  I knew she was a twin and expected the same treatment that I had received from her sister.  She surprised me.

“Kirsta, are you not going to show or kind traveler to his room?”

Kirsta rolled her eyes before slamming the register closed and shoving it back in its spot behind the bar.  “Don’t worry Alexa, I gave him detailed instructions on how not to get lost on his way.”  Coldly, she walked from behind the bar, brushing past her twin, and retreating through the door to the back.

“She is so rude, follow me sir.  I’d be glad to show you where you can, sleep.”  Being a demon of a sexual nature, I smiled coyly at her slight pause before the word sleep.  I made a “lead on” gesture with my arms and fell in behind her as she made her way to the stairs.

My eyes widened as she gathered her skirt and inched it up before climbing the creaky flight leading to the sleeping quarters.  I wondered at her origins and thought I might be in the presence of a sister succubus as she kept raising her skirt, brazenly exposing her charms to my hungry eyes the higher we got.  I found myself slowing my pace to put me at an angle conducive to seeing everything she had to offer.  The lack of undergarments made my breath catch in my chest.  There before me, in all its glory lie the one thing that all men crave the most.  She turned her head to see if I still followed and gave a little smile as she reached the story above.  I found myself wishing for several more stories to the small inn.

“My father does keep it warm in here doesn’t he.  Hard for a girl to keep…cool.”

“Undoubtedly.  Please, do whatever you need to do to make yourself comfortable.”

“I’d run around naked as the day I was born, if my father permitted it.  Here’s your room, sir.  Will you be joining the family for dinner?”

“I haven’t eaten in a week, I would love to.”

“A week! My goodness, we will have to find a little extra something special for you to feast on,” she said and her smile turned from playful to wanton.

I leaned in close and braced myself against the door with one hand as I lowered my face to within inches of hers.  “What did you have in mind, my beauty?” I paused between each word and tilted my head, lowering my voice to barely a growl.

“I’m sure I can think of something, If you haven’t eaten in a week, I’m sure I could put out quite the…spread for you.”  I could hear the heat in her voice as she raised her hand and lightly placed it on my chest, stopping my advancing lips from touching hers.  “Wait til the sun drops and my father beds for the night.  You shall have your snack tonight good sir, I will see to it.”

I smiled and made to pull away when she closed the distance between us, locking her lips onto mine.  I smiled into her kiss and felt her tongue slip its way into my mouth.  Even her kiss was sweet and I felt her hand travel from my chest to a place much lower.  She cupped me in her hand and I felt my member stiffen as her eyes grew wide.  “Maybe I can find something suitable to feast on while you have your snack,” she said giving me a little squeeze as she left no doubts as to what she meant.


I listened to the inn’s common room filling up with the surrounding villagers for food and drink.  I didn’t rush.  I couldn’t imbibe human food, but I could drink spirited beverages.  I planned on making a place for myself and sipping on wine until the night passed and I could feed for real.  When the sounds below reached a cacophonous uproar, I decided to make an entrance.

I could feel everyone’s eyes following my every movement as I made my way, concentrating on the footwear I wore (another gift of my sorceress).  When I reached the bottom of the landing, I looked up.  Everyone had turned to see the newcomer.  I smiled in greeting and entered the common room.  Every table and chair had filled up, thwarting my plans on finding a space by the heart.  Instead I made my way to the bar and took my place on one of the roughly hewn oak stools.

“What can I get you,” said the burly man behind the counter.  I assumed he was father to the twins and didn’t envy him.  He must have gotten more than one of the visible scars on his arms and face defending their honor, or at least one of their honors.  I don’t think he had much to worry about with the icy Kirsta.

“Do you have wine?”

“Finest in the village, although that’s not saying much.  One penny.”

I fished out the coin and left it on the top of the bar.  He snatched the coin and set down my glass without so much as a thank you.  I turned on my stool to survey the room and noticed everyone still stared.  I raised my glass and took a sip, trying hard not to spit it back out onto the semi-clean wood planked floor.  I smiled and swallowed with some difficulty, earning me more than one appreciative stair from my audience.  Drinking the inn-keepers wine must be quite the feat.

Conversations resumed and I counted the smiles, the women-folk of the village slipped me when their husbands weren’t looking.  I debated leaving Alexa alone and concentrate on one of them for my feeding until she walked by, flipping up the back of her skirt when her father’s attention lie elsewhere.  That simple tease sealed her fate.

“Kirsta, quit fooling around and feed the horses!”  How her father managed to make himself heard over the din of the inn, I’ll never know.  I watched Alexa hold up her hand to her sister.

“Yes, father,” she said in her twins stead.  She walked past me and as she did, her eyes flicked toward the entrance to the inn as she made her way through the back door.  Not having to be told twice, I downed the rest of the swill in my cup and tossed another penny down on the counter before making my way out into the night.

Quietly I made my way around back to, what my nose told me was, the stables.  Alexa stood under one of the gaslights against the wooden post supporting the roof.  One of her legs lie tucked beneath her against the same post allowing the gentle breeze to play with the hem of her skirt.

“I couldn’t wait for my father to close down for the night, would you care to help me feed the horses?”

“It would be my honor, my lady.”

She smiled and spun, leading the way into the dusty, dark stables.  Every stall lie occupied by horses except for one.  I tilted my head as she made her way into that one.  As soon as I rounded the corner, she attacked me, not with blade or sword, but with her magnificent body.  How she had disrobed so quickly lie another mystery to me.  Naked as the day she was born, she pounced dragging me to the straw covered floor.

I landed on my back, and she straddled my thighs.  There was just enough light between the thickly glassed lanterns and the moon to see her skin glisten.  Before I could even smile she slid down to my shins and start working the tie on my trousers loose.  Grunting with desire, she finally undid the know and freed me.  She held my soft member in her hand and gave me a slow, sensuous smile as she lowered her head.  Her hair, freed from its tie fell loosely around her face.  I couldn’t see her take me into her mouth, but I felt it.

Her breath came in ragged gasps as I grew to my full length in her mouth.  I will say, she was beyond talented.  I could feel the seed deep within me wanting release, but I wanted to savor the feeling.  Right at that moment I was more interested in feeding than release no matter how talented my little twin was.

When she saw me primed and ready, she released my staff and sat up, arching her back and exposing her breasts to me.  My eyes wandered from her sultry lips down to her pert breasts.  My smile widened.  Just shy of medium, they were capped with smallish pink nipples that had hardened in the coolness of the evening.  Slowly I ran my hands up over her thighs, over her taut stomach, and used the tips of my first fingers to trace little circles around them.  I didn’t touch the nub itself, wanting to tease her and bring her that much closer to begging for me to fill her.

Her back stiffened and her hands fell to her side as I continued my teasing motions.  I watched silently as she turned her head to the side before letting it fall backward, caught up in the sensations traveling from where I touched undoubtedly to the wet folds suspended between my knees.  I could feel the heat of it grow even without touching it.  I decided to stoke her fire further.  I ceased my circles and took the nubs of her nipples between my middle finger and thumb, slowly and softly pulling them away from her chest.  Her pert bresst became taut with the pressure as I slowly ran my first finger over the tips.  I began dragging them up and down and then pinching harder with my other two fingers.  Alexa struggled to remain upright.   I felt her hips begin to buck as an orgasm wracked her body, just from me playing with her nipples.  I took the energy through my arms and let it fill me as my member grew harder.  A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by my little nymph.

When her pleasure subsided she slid forward onto my hips.  I expected her to slip me inside her, but she did something quite unique.  She steadied herself with one hand on my chest and lifted up my hard shaft against the flesh of my belly.  With her other hand she opened the folds of her womanhood and gently lowered herself on top of the underside of my member.  The heat and the moisture threatened to send my seed racing up my shaft and onto my stomach, but I quelled it before the desire became too much for me to bear.  I controlled my breathing and looked her in the eyes, seeing only desire.  Very slowly she slid back and forth, using her own wetness to create sensations I can only describe as earth shattering.  Her folds expanded and contracted over every ridge and vein of my manhood causing my breath to come in short, painful bursts.  I tried thinking of unpleasant things just to combat my threatening orgasm.  It didn’t work

With a moan, I shot my seed in sweeping arcs over my stomach, chest, and shoulders.  This seemed to drive my little minx over the edge as she stopped breathing in air and used what had been in her lungs to make short crying noises as my stiffness, rubbing against the hard button of her folds, brought her once again to exquisite agony.  Gone were the slow, wet strokes of her flesh against mine only to be replaced with rapid, quick jerks of her pelvis against me.  She collapsed against me and I knew she was spent for a while.  I drank her energy like the finest of wines and felt my hunger subside.  The night was still young and I knew I would have her again before the sun came up.

I expected her to lie there for awhile, literally drained from my feeding.  She surprised me and picked herself up off me and quickly dressed.  “I need to get back, father will come looking for me soon.  I will meet you in your room tonight.”

I nodded as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips, not in lust, but in gratitude.  I waited till she left and then pulled my clothes on after cleaning up some with an old rag.  I returned the way I came and entered the inn once again only to find a crowd around my twin, laying unconscious on the floor in a sweaty heap.  Her breathing had slowed, but still she took in large gulps of air as her sister lightly tapped her on the face.  I guess she wasn’t as strong as I thought.

“Kirsta, I don’t think that will help, let me get some water for her.”

“I’m Alexa, but thank you sir.  She was like this when I came in from the stables.”

My mind swam with the possibilities.


Who am I?

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Who am I? You’ve heard of my kind before, the problem is we are usually portrayed as feminine. Everyone knows the tale of the succubus, preying on the sexual energy of hapless mortal men. Not many know of the masculine incubus. The demonic men who prey upon the seemingly endless sexual energy of mortal women. I will admit, we do have that over our sisters. A man’s sexual energy is usually only enough for one, maybe two meals. We can feed off one woman for days. If we’re careful.

As to me, let me introduce myself. I have had many names over the centuries, but am particularly proud of my current identity. My name is Dell Johnson. How did I come by that name? I’ll tell you. One night, while using my laptop (Dell) to search the miraculous internet for a lover to satisfy my cravings, I held myself in front of the tiny little “web camera” when one woman informed me that I had a nice “Johnson.” I smiled and have gone by that name ever since.

Why am I blogging? My memory is very long, but not perfect. I can remember almost every curve of flesh, every patch of exposed flesh I have tasted, and every scent and flavor of every woman I have ever had the pleasure of bringing to climax. My fear is that I will forget someone. Most of them gave their lives to give me what I need to survive, it is only fair that they be immortalized in some way. To them I dedicate this blog.

Sit back and enjoy my tales, I shall start with my very first conquest as an incubus, newly brought over to this mortal realm. In fact, my first conquest was the very sorceress who summoned me. Her flesh was delectable, as you will soon see from my tail, I mean tale. Enjoy.


I sat alone in the abyss when I heard her call. She didn’t speak my name specifically, but no mortal knew my true name. I had just reached maturity as far as incubus go and had just felt the call of mortal flesh to satisfy my energy needs. Incubus have a larval phase and only require the flesh of animals that roam the abyss until they mature. Those never lucky enough to find a summoner’s call often go into a semi-comatose state until then, or wither and die if they don’t. I considered myself lucky to have found one so soon.

I followed the silvery thread back to the mortal realm. I had heard the call of the summoner and knew it would be a woman from the soft undertones of her rhythmic chant, but as I stepped through the shroud that separates our worlds and into the carefully painted circle of power, I gasped at her beauty.

She wore a loose fitting, semi transparent, purple gossamer gown. I could see the undergarments she wore for modesty’s sake and quickly imagined removing them from her hot flesh. My eyes roamed upward to her piercing blue eyes, smallish nose, and hair the color of pale gold. She had the face of otherworldly beauty and I briefly wondered at her lineage. Surely there must be a little elven heritage there somewhere, but rounded ears said otherwise.

“I have summoned you here to do my bidding vile beast,” she said in a voice that didn’t even remotely crack with nervousness. Summoning creatures from the abyss must not be anything new to her. I wondered if she had ever called one of my kind before.

“Vile beast? I think you have me mistaken for someone else, my lady. I am grateful for the rescue from that vile place I was trapped, but i am a mere man,” the lie flowed from my lips with a hint of a smile.

“You lie, no mortal man could survive in the abyss. What sort of demon are you?” I could here the skepticism in her voice. I made to take a step forward to explain myself, but the circle she had cast held me firmly in place. “If you were human, you could have crossed that circle without problem, beast.”

“I never said I was human, my lady, just a man. I used to be human long ago, a mage in fact. One of my summoned beasts thought it would be a cruel joke to give me immortality and take me back to the bleak landscape of his home. I have been trapped there since.”

She lowered her eyelids and her lips parted as if she meant to taste the truth of my words. “That is not possible.”

“I speak only the truth. I can give you the name of the demon if you would like to try your luck.”

Her eyes opened wide at my challenge and I saw a flush reach her cheeks making them shine deep crimson. “If I have rescued you from such a prison, surely you owe me a life debt. Will you honor that debt?”

“Of course, my lady,” I said, bowing low in the circle.

She waved her athame and uncast the circle with a brief chant and a flash of power. I stood, but made no forward movement. I needed her trust.

“Did the demon who banished you also give you unearthly looks? I have never seen a man more handsome in all my days.”

I smiled at the compliment and returned it with my own. “One could say the same about you, my lady. It is the first thing I thought when you brought me here.”

Her blush deepened. Emboldened by her charm, I tilted my head and took a single solitary step forward. She tilted her head and offered a shy smile. I took the second step at the precise moment she took her first. She fell into my arms on the fifth.

My hands slid around her back and pulled her in an embrace that sent sparks of energy flying up my arms and into my groin. I felt it surge forward as hard as it had ever been. My tiny sorceress felt it press against the flesh of her stomach too. She looked up into my eyes and her embarrassed smile turned into something more dangerous and full of fire. Quickly I glanced around the room and noted a solitary work table a mere few feet away.

I lifted her gently into my embrace and held her to me as I closed that distance. I set her down, sitting on the hard wood of the table. If I had been a gentleman and not a vile demon, I might have put down a cloth for her to sit on. She had her purple gown, and for now that would be good enough.

Standing between her legs I looked at her face and let my smile speak volumes for what I wanted to do to her. She leaned back on her hands and returned it two fold. I lowered my face o her neck and breathed in her scent as I felt a shudder run the length of her. She smelled of incense and spice. I briefly wondered if I smelled of predator to her paltry human senses. It did not matter, I had her trapped and could have anything I wanted from her. Right now I wanted to feed from her climax. I closed the remaining space between her neck and my lips and let them lightly brush the tiny hairs, invisible to the eyes but not to the sensitive flesh of my lips. Her shudder turned into an arch as her hands took the full weight of her torso.

“Oh,” escaped her lips in a soft coo. I think she had meant me to ravage her, but the gentleness of my kiss surprised her as well as pleased her.

I noticed her summoners knife had been tossed carelessly on the worktable as I had set her upon it. I reached out and picked it up gingerly, offering her a calming smile to let her know I meant her no harm. I brought it between her legs and set the razor sharp edge of it against the taught hem of her gown. She knew my intent and spread her legs farther, letting the blade gain purchase against the willowy material. The incision I made ran to the junction of her legs and the dress fell apart, fully displaying her deep purple undergarments to my eyes. I leaned down and gently kissed the inside of her right thigh. Her legs spread further.

As they did, I noticed the spot of moisture on the front of her undergarments. My tongue watered with the need to taste it, but not yet. I wanted her to beg for it, to want it, and most of all to need it. I slid the blade, flat side down against her stomach as the cold metal sent shivers through her. I noticed the patch of moister grow wider as she leaned back further, almost laying down completely. She still held herself up by her elbows so she could watch me from her prone position.

I twisted the knife edge side up and pulled up against the remaining fabric of her dress. Inch by inch I slid it forward to the apex of her breasts, that tiny valley between the mountains I had such a desire to run my manhood through. Carefully, I brought the blade through the valley and up to her neck, stopping only as the point delicately pricked the tender flesh. Her eyes darkened and my smile widened as I pulled the blade back and through the collar of her gown, completely baring her flesh to me.

Even trapped by the binding undergarment, her breasts looked to be magnificent and i wanted nothing more than to free them and taste them while taking them in my hands. Slowly I slid the knife between her breasts and freed them so I could do just that. Her breasts parted the binding brassiere and it fell away, exposing her snowy peaks. The flesh held not one blemish and only one word could be used to describe them, perfect. I lowered my mouth and captured the hard flesh of her nipple between my teeth as I gently rolled the tip of my tongue over them in tiny, lazy circles.

I felt her hands grasp my head as I teased her and tormented her into wanting more. I dropped the knife on the floor with a clatter to let her know I no longer held the bit of steel in my hands. She had no reason to fear that blade, just the fleshy one I meant to impale her upon. My hands slid over the flesh of her stomach and up over those perfect mounds and squeezed, not hard enough to hurt, merely hard enough to occupy her attention as I slid my mouth lower. I trailed my lips over the very center line of her body, down from her breasts and over her navel, only pausing long enough to bring her pleasure from probing it with my tongue before continuing my journey.

Finally my lips reached the line created by the barrier of her panties. Before I pulled them off her, I wanted to play. I brought my lips over the band keeping them secure to her flesh and let my tongue travel down, over her mound, and into the tiny cleft created by the folds of her womanhood. My tongue trailed over the patch of moisture created by her desire and I tasted heaven. Sweet and salty fluids bathed my tongue in ambrosia as I began to work it around, bringing her pleasure. Her hands let go of my head as she fell back onto the table in what sounded like complete agony, but I knew was complete ecstasy.

I could feel her tremble as the first wave of her orgasm filled her body, stretch her limbs, and leave her body as a wave of pure energy. My body drank that energy like a babe drinks his mother’s milk. I lived off it, I flourished from it, and I had to have it. As soon as it subsided, i pulled the once moist, now flooded undergarment from her body. I gave her a quick kiss where I had just worshiped and pulled my manhood from the only pair of pants I owned in this world. She raised herself back on her elbows and her eyes widened at the sight of it. Slowly I sank it in and parted the fleshy folds of her flower.

I sank into her slowly as she let out a breath for every inch I sank into her. Finally, I reached the limit that she could take as I slowly started to draw myself out and then back in, working myself into an easy rhythm. As her mews of pleasure became pleading cries for more, my pace quickened until the sound of my flesh striking hers filled the room in wet sounding slaps. Her legs, which had been propped on the edge of the worktable found their way to my shoulders and I held on to them for leverage. Madly my thrusts became shaky bucks as my own pleasure threatened to spill my seed inside the mortal woman in front of me. No longer did I care.

My orgasm struck at the same time as hers. My seed surged forward and filled her completely creating extra lubrication for my thrusts. She rode the waves and waves of her orgasms until I stopped thrusting and collapsed on top of her, so intent on my own pleasure I forgot to feed on hers. It probably saved her life.

I fed from my sorceress, my summoner, and my friend for many weeks. I left her alive before moving on, my life debt repayed.